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Water storage

When you want to keep trees in urban environments beautiful and healthy, you have to make sure water storage is possible. Only if trees and other plants are provided with enough water, they will be able to flourish alongside people. But how do you do that? With the solutions of GreenMax, for example a water reservoir, growth problems for trees will be prevented.

How does water storage with a water reservoir work?

Dry soil in urban environments causes growth problems for trees. Therefore, it is wise to install a functional system that helps to keep trees healthy. GreenMax offers a water reservoir, which makes water storage possible. The water reservoir can be filled with water when there is a period of dry weather, for example during the summer period. Added benefit of this water reservoir, is that it protects trees against gritting operations.

Different water reservoir systems by GreenMax

What kind of water reservoir system for water storage is needed for your application or situation? GreenMax offers a diverse range:

When in doubt of the water reservoir system that suits best, we are happy to provide you with some advice on this matter.

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