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Tree sand

The problem with planting a tree in an urban environment is that most of the sand in a city is of poor quality. Trees can’t grow well in dense soil in which they are deprived of even the most basic needs such as water and oxygen. Despite this problem, we at GreenMax believe that vegetation is urban environments will benefit not just the cities of the future, but also the cities of today. The ecological value that trees add to the urban lifestyle is indispensable. We also believe that problems are meant to be solved, and so we have. Our tree systems can make sure that each tree can be placed in sand which is rich in nutrition and where roots have enough space to grow in. How do we do this? Keep on reading!

How to plant a tree in the right sand in an urban environment

Most urban constructions are built directly on top of a layer of sand and this sand isn’t suitable for a tree to grow in. At GreenMax we have therefore developed several urban tree systems where a framework is built up in the ground first. This framework can then be filled with sand that is suited for a tree to grow in. On top of this frame work another layer of sand suited for construction purposes can be added and finally the pavement of street can be built. For more information on how our urban tree systems work, please contact GreenMax by calling 0031 413 294447.

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