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Tree protectors

Tree protectors and other tools for landscape management such as a tree anchor are available at GreenMax. GreenMax is your partner when it comes to protecting trees and bringing back vegetation to urban environments. Tree protectors are a simple and inexpensive way of effectively protecting tree trunks from being damaged. With the planting of new trees, a tree anchor is yet another effective and cheap tool that locks the roots of a tree in place, thus preventing the tree from toppling over after it’s just been planted. At GreenMax we believe that sometimes the most basic solutions can actually be the best ones. For an answer to any and all questions about our tree protectors, please feel free to contact us.

Tree protectors protect trees from mowing damage

While planting trees and anchoring them with a tree anchor, you can place tree trunk protectors around them to protect the young trunks from outside damage from lawnmowers and such. We also have tree protectors called BiteProtect which protects the bark of the tree from being eaten by domestic animals such as sheep. The TreeProtect is also equipped with air gaps which allows oxygen and light to reach the base of the tree, preventing issues such as tree rot.

Contact us for more information or placing an order

For more information about our tree protectors or advice on how to attach a tree anchor, please feel free to contact GreenMax by calling 0031 413 294447. You can also call us if you wish to place an order or if you want an estimate on the price.

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