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Stormwater management

Would you like to update the stormwater management in urban environments, in a way that trees and plants are able to flourish in these environments? Then check out the many products that GreenMax has to offer you. The way trees are planted and protected influence the way water is stored and drained. With the customized solutions by GreenMax, plant life flourishes alongside people and secondary features, like stormwater management, are provided.

Secondary features, like stormwater management, are provided with the solutions by GreenMax

Large trees in urban environments have numerous advantages. An environment with natural features looks beautiful, rich and healthy. Next to that, large trees help stormwater management run smoothly because:

Different kinds of urban tree systems that help with water storage and drainage

At GreenMax, you find a diverse range of urban tree systems that help regulate and control water storage and drainage. You can choose, for example, from Silva Cell, TreeParker and Sandwichpanel 74. These systems all have in common that they provide you with good root structure systems that help construct tree transplants in urban environments.

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