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Landscape management

Proper landscape management can lead to new and exciting new ways in which we view our urban environments. This requires skills, experience and quality products. Exactly the sort of thing you can find at GreenMax. Our products help to protect trees and other vegetation from the infrastructure surrounding them. In addition, all of our products are made from recyclable materials which can be returned when there is no longer any need for them. Feel free to browse our website and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products involving landscape management.

Our products for landscape management

At GreenMax you can find a selection of innovative products that will help landscape architects with designing green areas within urban environment. For instance we have a quality selection of edge retaining systems which can be used to separate a green area from a road or pavement. For trees to be planted underneath the existing infrastructure we also sell aeration systems to maintain a constant oxygen flow to the roots of the trees. Ingenious irrigation systems are also available that can be built directly into the pavement. Urban landscape management by means of the products delivered by GreenMax offers architects a whole new range of possibilities to bring back vegetation to our cities. If you want to know more or get an estimate on prices, please don’t hesitate to call us at 0031 413 294447.

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