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Deep roots

Deep roots allow the growth of stronger, healthier trees. In most urban environments however, roots do not have enough space to grow very deep. They are either blocked by structures in the ground, or tend to grow horizontally, pushing up pavements and tearing up roads in the process. The Tree Root Guide system by GreenMax prevents these problems while allowing trees to flourish in urban environments.

Deep tree roots improve the esthetics and quality of life in cities

The Tree Roots Guide system by GreenMax does as it says on the tin. It helps guide the roots of trees deep into the soil, while preventing them to grow horizontally. With this system, trees can grow larger because they can absorb more nutrients from the soil. Because the roots have plenty of space to grow, they remain stable as well. More and larger trees also absorb more CO2 and release more oxygen, thus improving the quality of air and life, in cities and in other urban environments.

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