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Water Reservoir
Dry soil in the urban environment will cause growth problems for young trees. The AquaMax water reservoir is a functional solution to keep the trees healthy. During the summer period it has an added benefit of protecting the trunk against mower or trimmer damage whilst in the winter it will protect against gritting operations.

The inside of the water reservoir can be filled with a coconut fibre mat or wood scraps to prevent weeds.

The water reservoir can easily be filled with water and has a large water storage capacity. A small part of the AquaMax should be placed in the ground (+/- 10cm). This will make sure that the water reservoir stays stable and that the water will remain in the area around the tree trunk.

The water reservoir can be closed with double-sided tape or, on request, with a coupling.

- A circle of 2.5 m¹ will have a Ø of 80 cm water storage capacity of 100 litres
- A circle of 3 m¹ will have a Ø of 95 cm water storage capacity of 140 litres
- A circle of 3.5 m¹ will have a Ø of 1.11 m water storage capacity of 195 litres

Leaflet Aquamax Water Reservoir
Effective irrigation for trees in the urban environment

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