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Our GreenMax products are used to protect and establish newly transplanted trees, and also to invigorate and enhance the future growth and value of existing trees.

Helping Trees to Survive
Our products are designed to help trees to survive in a world of increasing concrete, paving and buildings whilst protecting trees and infrastructure from each other. We see the increasing demand for complex infrastructure and the need for more planting green in the urban environment. This is a positive development because there are many economical benefits for increasing the life expectancy of trees, providing a good infrastructure and creating healthy street trees within the city. Together with the economical benefits, the quality of life in our cities will also be positively affected by an increase in the number of trees and the creation of landscapes.

Innovation and durability
For decades, the innovative products of GreenMax have been used to improve the tree planting pit and protect the infrastructure. GreenMax values the quality and the correct installation of the materials. Our products are made of high-quality 100% recyclable materials which can be returned for recycling when they are no longer needed.

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