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Tree Watering Island
Heavy downpours are becoming increasingly common with an increase in the number of brief extreme downpours, in particular. The number of days with heavy downpours in the Netherlands has even doubled since the 50s. The cause behind this is climate change. Because we are confronted with a rise in temperature, the quantity of water vapour increases. And the more water vapour in our atmosphere, the higher precipitation levels. For every degree of temperature rise, precipitation increases by up to 14% per hour during extreme showers. In this respect, it is important for cities to have appropriate measures in place. ‘Urbanisation’ presents a big problem here, as it prevents the rain water from seeping /filtrating into the ground. Our sewer system is also not equipped to adequately handle the water excess during extreme downpours. The solution is for the water to infiltrate in places where it is useful for our urban greenery and for the groundwater to be replenished.

It would also be good to buffer all the falling water in green urban areas where possible. That would prevent the streets from becoming flooded and the sewage system from becoming overburdened. The greenery/trees can absorb this water so that the excess water can calmly seep down to groundwater level.

GreenMax has developed special tree watering islands for this purpose, which can be placed around tree trunks in hardened surfaces. The channel allows for quick drainage. The tree watering islands are available in various designs. The raised edge also provides protection for the tree and reduce the pressure. Tree watering island can also easily be combined with our tree grates.

leaflet Tree Watering Island

Tree Watering Island - can be placed around tree trunks in hardened surfaces

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