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The 1 or 2 mm thick RootBlock is a root barrier of the heaviest type from our range (other thicknesses available on request). RootBlock is suitable for any type of root and soil and has for many years been an integral part in combating the unchecked growth of roots in many cities and towns.

RootBlock is cheap, has a high quality and long lifespan. HDPE is a clean and environmentally friendly material and it will not affect the soil like i.e. PVC. That is why RootBlock is 100% recyclable and reusable. The root barrier has a guaranteed lifespan of 100 years. RootBlock is available on rolls of 25 and 50 metres and is also available with a coupling (RootBlock Plus).

The minimum distance from a tree to a partition is 2 m1 (depending on the type of tree, please contact us). This on account of the fact that partitions do not guide roots but only stop them. In most cases partitions are only applied in a linear way, not around trees, or the distance to the tree should be so large that stability is guaranteed.

For the protection of cables, pipes, sewers and foundations

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