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RootBlock Biobased
RootBlock has been utilised for many years and proven successful with all tree species and soil conditions, combatting the unchecked growth of roots in many applications in towns and cities throughout Europe.

The established root barrier is made from HDPE (high density polyethylene) and is now also available based on Biobased Plastic, which is produced from the waste of sugar cane and is also known as 'green polyethylene'. By re-using the waste from sugar cane a new and sustainable alternative to standard polyethylene can be offered.

RootBlock Biobased is fully recyclable and the green polyethylene material can be mixed with standard HDPE. This ensures that the Biobased root barrier can be recycled in the same process as the PE root barriers and re-usable many times.

The product is awarded the 'I Am Green' Logo. This logo may only be used in products that have the waste of sugar cane as a base material, Using green polyethylene helps to reduce greenhouse gasses. In this way we hope to contribute to the development of the sustainable Biobased green cities.

Leaflet RootBlock Biobased

For the protection of cables, pipes, sewers and foundations

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