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Silva Cell

By mid-2018 GreenMax stopped distributing the Silva Cell system. For Silva Cell projects we would like to refer you to our partner Deeproot.

As an alternative we offer you our own soil cell system: TreeParker®

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Soil cells by Silva Cell allow you to provide trees and plants in urban environments with the nourishment they need, without disturbing the structures above. The limiting factors in the growth of urban trees are small planting volumes and highly compacted poor-quality soil. GreenMax provides you with customized solutions that allow plant life to flourish alongside people.

Soil cells maximize the use of available space

The Silva Cell system provides large volumes of uncompacted high-quality soil while maximizing the usable space above ground. Because the Silva Cell meets European traffic loading standards, it easily supports roads, parking spaces and paving while its modular design is ideal for almost any application.

The benefits of soil cells

The advantages of large trees are numerous and range from aesthetic beauty and excess water management to reduction of high temperatures in urban areas. The Silva Cell enables the development of functional and beautiful trees in urban areas.

How to further inquire about this system

For Silva Cell projects we refer you to our partner Deeproot. They can provide you with the 
necessary information about these soil cells. As the replacement alternative, we offer you the latest tree bunker system on the market: TreeParker. Wish to know more about specifications such as the price or installation process? Contact us at 0031 413 294447.
Silva Cell for trees creates an underground frame that can bear traffic loads and in addition offers freely rootable space that allows urban trees to grow into large and beautiful specimen

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