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Urban Tree Systems

The urban tree systems by GreenMax are a new and innovative way of bringing nature back to the city. GreenMax can provide you with the most comprehensive advice for root structure systems for urban tree transplants. A variety of products are available for establishing tree roots underneath pavements.

Urban tree systems: what do they do?

The products can combine tree-, soil- and roadbuilding requirements in different ways. Structural soils cannot be compared with suspended pavement systems. But, for example, different rock-based structural soils are mutually comparable. In order to compare these, the different products are grouped. This has resulted in an internationally recognized classification of the various products.

What systems are there?

At GreenMax, you can choose between several specialized urban tree systems. A short overview of the possibilities:

  • Silva Cell: creates a frame that bears traffic loads, allowing a continuous flow of traffic while providing tree roots with the space they need to grow strong and healthy.
  • TreeParker: most affordable, strongest and most flexible system available.
  • SandwichPanel 74: replaces the foundation layer.

Advice on different systems and customized solutions

GreenMax can provide you with good advice and guides you with your project requirements, from A-Z. We offer customized urban tree systems in different price categories. With our extensive knowledge of the various proven systems available, our experts will help you find the most suitable and cost-effective solution for your project. Check the rest of the pages on our website for more information or contact us for advice about customized solutions by calling 0031 413 294447.
Establishing tree roots underneath pavements

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