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Tree Protect Bumper
Our tree protect bumper can be used as a water reservoir but also as a trunk protector. With the GreenMax tree trunk protector, you protect trees against heavy machines, such as flail mowers and brush cutters.

The tree protect bumper is 3cm thick and internally reinforced with iron. This heavy model is high quality, which means that it can be reused repeatedly. The only part that needs to be replaced for reuse is a piece of waterproof tape (also available from us).

When using this trunk protector as a water reservoir, we recommend digging the edge slightly into the ground to prevent the water from running away under the edge.

- 3cm thick
- Made entirely with recycled material, namely old forklift tyres
- Vulcanised rubber
- Waterproof water barrier with professional double-sided waterproof tape
- Easy to place
- Ideal protection against heavy machinery, flail mowers and brush cutters
- Height of 26cm, so there’s enough room to fill with water (other heights on request)
- Available in 2 different diameters: 38cm and 48cm (other diameters on request)

Leaflet Tree Protect Bumper

Tree Protect Bumper

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