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Large and small wildlife may cause much damage to young trees. Tree trunks are very fragile during the first years and require an extra protection layer.

BiteProtect tree trunk protection creates an effective protection against damages caused by animal bites. The trunk protector can be placed around the trunk to create an extra protection layer for the tree. With this it will be impossible for wildlife to damage the trees.

The trunk protection is available on rolls from which it is possible to customise the height and width of the protection yourself. BiteProtect can easily be locked with straps.

BiteProtect is an open protection, making sure that a trunk will receive enough air and UV. Thereby preventing rotting of the tree trunk.

The BiteProtect tree trunk protection can also be placed to prevent damage caused by golf balls at driving ranges.

Leaflet BiteProtect 

To protect trees against animal bites and preventing damage caused by golf balls

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