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Tree Trunk Protector

Tree trunk guards protect trees against mowing damage and rodents. This comes in handy in urban surroundings, where automatic mowing machines often touch the tree trunks when mowing grass and other plantations. At GreenMax, we offer a cheap, effective and reliable solution called TreeProtect. With TreeProtect, trees can flourish in urban environments.

Connecting green and infrastructure with tree trunk guards

By using tree trunk guards, trees are protected against external factors, such as automatic mowing machines, other automatic machine tools and rodents. In this way, the existence and growth of trees is promoted. Would you like to connect green and infrastructure? With TreeProtect by GreenMax, this is done in a sufficient way.

Various kinds of tree trunk protectors at GreenMax

GreenMax offers various kinds of tree trunk protectors. Which solution best suits your needs, depends on your situation. Choose, for example, from:

  • TreeProtect: tree trunk protectors with air gaps that prevent infraction by insects and rot of the tree, suitable for trunks to a diameter of 11 cm.
  • TreeProtect Bio: tree trunk protectors made from biopolymers.
  • BiteProtect: trunk protection available on rolls that functions as an extra protection layer for the tree.
  • ArboTape: trunk protection that help seal tree wounds.

Want to know more? Contact us for more information!

Would you like to know more about TreeProtect or one of our other tree trunk guards? Contact us for more information by calling 0031 413 294447.

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