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Straightcurve is a steel edging product for gardens that does not only bend, but that is truly flexible. This means that it is not necessary to order prefabricated forms or custom-made curves. Instead, you can effortlessly shape any curve you need by hand as you go along. Straightcurve offers a wide choice of designs to restrict grass growth, create raised beds or both.

Straightcurve products are robust, attractive and were designed with optimal care. They do not crack, shift or deform and do not require any maintenance. Whether you are a professional or DIY gardener, you can save time and finish every job professionally. The edging product provides a stylish finish and it is easy to install.

Straightcurve products are available in galvanised and weathering steel.

The flexible edging is available in 6 profile heights: 75 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm, 240 mm, 400 mm and 560 mm. Extra rigid edges in 2 profile heights: 100 mm and 150 mm. Both types are available as a set.

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Separation between gravel, wood chips, mulch, etc. Containment of paving or compacted/gravel paths, lawn edging. Low/medium-high retaining walls.

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