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Easy and durable installation for a beautiful finish of a lawn, garden path, edging, vegetable garden or pond, for example. The Eco edging consists of an ecologically manufactured material made of 100% recycled plastic and has a particularly long lifespan.
Various models available.

Ecolat straight
Ecolat is available in the form of long straight slats for neat and straight edges. Ecolat is the perfect alternative to hardwood edging. The straight slats are 2 m or 3 m long, with heights of 14 cm or 19 cm and are available in grey and brown. Ecolat is attached by means of solid Ecopic stakes with an H-profile that are placed in the ground at 50 cm intervals. The stakes are available in heights of 38 cm, 58 cm and 76 cm.

Rolled Ecolat
Ecolat edging is available in a roll for bends and slopes. The rolls are available in lengths of 10 m and 25 m, with heights of 14 cm and 19 cm in grey or brown.

Give your creativity free reign with Ecoplanc hollow profiles. For herb gardens, vegetable beds, sandpits and more.

Leaflet Edge Retaining ECO
Boundaries for greenery, edges of paved surfaces, gravel around buildings, etc.

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