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Bio Anchoring
The demand to anchor trees without unsightly stakes or guy wires is increasing. The trees will receive extra support without visible timber or stakes.

The basic GreenMax Root Ball Anchoring System is also available with bio degradable straps. The strap is made of biopolymers based on renewable raw materials that have been specially modified for particular use in the soil. It is proven that the straps decompose and also the iron components dissolve slowly by corrosion.

In addition, the strap material meets the requirement for the "Keimlings-Seal" of the European Bioplastics, a registered association. It is an EU-wide certificate that is issued by the authorized certification organizations DIN Certco and Vincotte based on standardized procedures. This seal which is referring to the composting of materials may only be borne by those organic products, which are proven to be biodegradable according to the European standard DIN EN 13432 or DIN EN 14995.

The new The GreenMax Bio Degradable Root Ball Anchoring is suitable for trees with a trunk circumference of 25 cm up to 35 cm.

A drive rod (available in the length of 1 m or 1.5 m) is essential for an easy and quick installation. The drive rod makes it possible to drive the anchors in the ground along the root ball (manual or mechanical).

DIN standards and guidelines
Due to the fact that the material is compostable, the basic strap belt material meets the German DIN EN 13432 standard. The GreenMax Bio Degradable Root Ball Anchoring meets further standards:
- EN 12225: "Proof of the microbiological resistance by burying the material under the soil"
- DIN 18916: "Vegetation technology in landscaping - plants and planting"
- Rule-Compliant: "FLL - Recommendations for planting trees Part 1"
- Rule-Compliant: "FLL - ZTV transplanting large trees"

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Bio Degradable anchoring for newly planted trees

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