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Automatic Installation

The German company Profi Wurzelschutz has developed a revolutionary new cutter, this makes it possible to quickly and easily install root protection in a few steps.

The automatic root cutter is a unique machine that is capable of:

- Digging the trench
- Placing the root barriers
- Re-adding the soil
- Compacting the soil

These steps are all combined in 1 machine!

The principle
With a chain cutter a trench is made of approximately 10 cm. The existing roots in this area will be cut. Directly after this process a root barrier is placed in the narrow trench. The machine will ensure that the root protection will be placed at the correct depth. After the root barrier is placed the soil will be re-added directly to make sure that the root protection will stay at the same place. In the final step a compacter will compact the soil next to root barriers.

The root cutting machine can also be used on very narrow roads and curves. The weight of the machine is lower than 4000 kg and it is therefore possible to drive over thin asphalt roads.

Root Barriers
With our automated installation of root barriers it is possible to install 2 different types of root protection:
- RootControl Nonwoven: one of the toughest nonwoven root barriers available on the market.
- RootBlock 1mm flex: specially designed for the root cutter. The RootBlock root protection offers the highest protection against tree roots.

Leaflet Automatic Installation
For the protection of cables, pipes, sewers and foundations

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