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AquaMax Green / Black

As an extension of our range, we have included a new type of water reservoir.
This is a black / green water reservoir. The water reservoir is colored black on one side and green on the other.

This way you can always choose which color you want on the outside. Watering edges only have to serve for 2 seasons, then they can be removed because the tree now no longer needs help to get water. With this water reservoir you can change color every year so that you can see at a glance how long they have been standing. For example, trees placed this year with the green outside, next year the black ones, so that you can remove the green ones at the end of the 2nd summer and then use them again for the new plantings of that year.

The green / black water reservoir is fully UV stable, has a lifespan of approx. 10 years and a thickness of 2 mm. Can also be reused for multiple planting seasons. HDPE means High Density Polyethylene. Greater density means greater hardness, strength and stiffness. Because HDPE is stiffer, 2 mm is sufficient for the casting edge to stand. However, the hardness of HDPE does mean that the water reservoir cannot withstand a knock as well as the LDPE variant. The HDPE water reservoir is 100% recyclable.


- High quality recycled HDPE
- Color: green / black
- Roll length: 25 meters
- Height: 30 cm
- Thickness: 2 mm
- Structure: with structure

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