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AquaMax Bio

AquaMax BIO is a compostable irrigation system produced from corn and the bio synthetic granulate Cradonyl®.

The AquaMax BIO system consists of:

- Irrigation hose
- T-piece
- Connector
- End cover with screwlid or clic-fit cover

All parts are biodegradable and will start breaking down within 3 to 5 years. It is therefore a much more durable solution than the standard plastic systems. Underground aeration and watering desperately needs the tree for the first few years after planting, after which the system is superfluous and the plastics remain useless in the ground.

- Natural resources!
- Sustainable and environmentally friendly
- 40% Reduction of CO2 gasses during the production process
- In the right circumstances the system is completely compostable

AirMax / AquaMax BIO meets all the requirements of biodegradability (biodegradable) according to the standards EN13432, ASTM D6400, Vincotte OK Compost.

Leaflet AquaMax Bio

Extra irrigation of the root system (Bio degradable)

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