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AirMax 45
Many young trees, bushes and hedges planted in the urban environment suffer from drought or lack of oxygen.

The AirMax 45 aeration system is placed deeper in the planting hole to provide much needed air to allow the deeper roots to establish and thrive. The AirMax 45 tubes have 45 % perforation and are, due to the high pressure resistance, ideal for use in structural soil.

The system is covered with a polyester filtering fabric with a very long life span, exceeding the lifespan of coconut fibre.

Material and properties:

- HDPE, pressure resistant and UV-stable
- Ø 80 mm or Ø 100 mm tube - 100% recyclable
- 45% perforation
- All lengths possible on request
- Inclusive polyester filtering cloth
- Produced from recycled products

The AirMax 45 aeration system is available per set. The accessories are also available per piece.

Leaflet AirMax 45 Aeration System
Direct irrigation of the root system, ideal for use in structural soil

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