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Jute Tree Tie

The Greenmax tree ties are used for easily bind up and fix trees. By using a broad belt the trees are being kept in the right postion.

The Jute Tree Tie is made of strong, 100% recycled woven jute. The added advantage of using jute is that is does not cut into the bark of the tree. The tie is secured to the tree stake using tacks.

It has a tensile strength largely comparable to that of the Nylon Tree tie. The Tree Tie remains in place for two growing seasons. The decomposition process commences after three years, so that if one forgets to remove the tie, it will simply decompose naturally.

- Jute
- Color: beige
- Roll Length: 25 m
- Width: 7 cm
- Biodegradable

Leaflet Jute Tree Tie




Anchoring for newly planted trees

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