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Global Recycling Day

18 March is dedicated to Global Recycling Day. Our mother earth provides six important natural resources. Do you know them from memory?

They are water, air, natural gas, oil, coal and minerals. These six sources provide the basis of our existence.
Our varied food, possessions and livelihood come from these six rich elements. As we know by now, these resources are depleting bit by bit.

Together, we will have to take care of the 'seventh resource'. This seventh resource is called recycling. The source that can be used over and over again. GreenMax products contribute to this important and future seventh resource.

All GreenMax products are recyclable. And we have tree poles made from recycled plastic. But with some products we even go a step further.A direct example of this is the circular planting borders and circular rootblock. Household waste has been separated in the Netherlands for quite some time now.

We are familiar with the transparent bags (PMD bags). The circular pouring rings and rootblock are made of collected plastic such as old shampoo bottles and plastic tubes for toothpaste. For some time now, even pouring rings have been made of recycled artificial grass, which naturally contains the colour green.

GreenMax also has Recyflex/Eco-lat edging in its range. This edging consists of an ecologically manufactured material (see image above) and has a particularly long life span. A beautiful and durable finish for your lawn, garden path, vegetable garden or pond.

The edge fence is available in various designs. The technical advisors at GreenMax will be pleased to tell you more about our circular products.
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