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Looking back at 2020

December is a month in which we look back on the past year. What a year 2020 was! 
It started like every year, but no one could have predicted what would happen. It was a year to start making noise again, but everything went a little differently.

New products, great product developments and an expansion of our team. Meanwhile, disturbing reports were slowly coming from China in January, but this seemed distant, a long way off. Yet, it suddenly became very close toward the end of February, beginning of March. A large part of the world went into quarantine and people in the Netherlands started working from home en masse.

Fortunately, we made the best of it with our team. Everyone handled the new measures creatively, new workplaces were created at home. Customer contact was done by telephone, Teams or Zoom. Together, we have worked hard to make it a good, successful year. We can proudly say that despite Corona it has been a very good year for GreenMax, full of great projects, new customers, expansion of our team and finally we have even been able to add a number of new products to our range!

We would like to look back on the positives of 2020 with you!
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